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Software Development

We use an engineering approach to develop software.  It’s olde-school but it get’s the job done better and faster and with fewer bugs than any modern methodology.  Our team has expertise predating most of the modern languages and so we know how to analyze them and evaluate them for their correct implementation.

Artists define the LOOK and FORM, Engineers BUILD IT.

Remote System Administration

System Administration is massively under budgeted.  The fact is, good system administrators are the lynch-pin of your entire business. EVERYTHING else you do depends on the skillset and reliability of your System Administration Team.  OUR SAs are also software developers who have written compilers, interpreters, Operating Systems and they understand how computers work at the hardware level.  They are able to troubleshoot issues across networks, properly evaluating and diagnostic system, server, operating system, interface cards, network, firewall, router, switch, load-balancer issues end-to-end.

Experience in massive homogenous and non-homogenous environments and 11th-hour crisis when everybody else have failed has created a very sharp talent set here at TekOps, Inc.

Very few other teams can say that.  Most get into a finger-pointing match, “it’s the network” or “it’s the software” or “it’s the server”.  You need definitive answers to solve your problems, or better yet, do the right design to prevent them from happening in the first place.

It’s very expensive to maintain this kind of resource full time.  Use ours and let us multi-plex that cost across our entire customer base.

Remote Database Administration

Few Database Administrators understand high-performance computing needs and most don’t know much outside of their database prompt.  Ours know about systems, servers, telecommunications, and processes. They work very closely with our System Administration team to properly address configuration, layout, storage, performance, archiving, disaster/recovery and other critical needs.

Whether it’s Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Informix, Sybase, MS-SQL or even flat-file database architectures. we have the expertise to manage it.

It’s very expensive to maintain this kind of resource full time.  Use ours and let us multi-plex that cost across our entire customer base.

System Integration

Your vendors are worth, perhaps billions of dollars.  Yet they left the integration to you and it’s  One-O’Clock in the morning and you’ve run into a problem.

Let us Help.

We have worked through and solved problems that have no documented record of anybody, anywhere else solving them.

We develop reliable, repeatable, solid solutions.

Mobile Software Development for Business Intelligence

Today most consumers integrate with their products through mobile solutions.  Most, also despise “web-based” mobile applications and prefer a dedicated mobile application.  We develop software for both Android and iOS applications and because we understand the underlying technologies, our solutions have features that you wouldn’t think possible to help you leverage the business-intelligence requirements that will propel your business to the next level.

Imagine being able to get the ID and contact information of every person that walked by your storefront without asking them?   And for those that paused and looked or wandered inside, you now have solid lead evidence without bothering them at all…

Did you know that you can develop android or iOS software that can track the user’s location and identity without the AndroidOS or iOS knowing?  Most developrs don’t know that and they don’t know how to do that.  That’s the holy-grail of marketing:  “Who is looking at my products and and specifically what are they interested in???”.

Website and Domain Hosting

We host website and email inboxes for some of the top performers in their field.  With true five-nines uptime we outperform most hosting companies anywhere in the world.  Our rates are very affordable and we include access to HUNDREDS of simple-click installations without charging additional fees.

Cloud Integration

The “cloud” is not always the answer.  Seriously, who would hand all their corporate data to the “cloud”.  Now you have to pay someone else for the privilege of accessing your own information.  BUT, there are times when some level of cloud integration is warranted.  We can help you navigate those waters and retain control of the most valuable piece of your business– YOUR data.

Enterprise Software Implementation and Software As A Service

We can get help you take advantage of these technologies, that your own team may just be too overloaded to implement but whose performance will increase if these technologies were in place:

  • remote backups
  • corporate office suite integrating contacts, calendar, email and document storage, securely and affordably
  • voice-over-IP integration and remote solutions
  • content management solutions
  • helpdesk/ticketing solutions


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